"We care about our planet and we do take care of the environment"

As to support its CLIENTS to achieve their very demanding goals KRAK Industries Limited applies proprietary concepts and procedures to obtain medium to long term financing sources from capital markets and international investment banking activities, in support of specific investments.  

KRAK offers fitting solutions only dedicated to its Clients whether individuals or companies operating in various sectors, in particular: Equity Research, Corporate and Investment Banking, Fund Raising, Public Financing, Trading of Commodities, Real Estate, Wealth Management, Fiduciary & Trust Services to Governments, Multinational Companies. KRAK group is capable to act as a Trustee  and opening Trust trading account on OTC market (QIB Investor), including Rule 144a market and to create many typologies of Securitization Processes, in association with  sister company or other top rated broker-dealers worldwide. 

Via the Government and Central Bank of the Republic of Ghana, KRAK is engaged to finance certain projects through a series of Loans and Equity Investments for over 35 billion Dollars, in Gold Mining and Refinery Activity, Oil Refinery, Logistic for fluvial transportation, SEZ Hubs Special Enterprise Zone for promoting Commodities trading via co-operatives, Oil and Gas Exploration, Oil and Gas Processing and other projects under confidentiality.

KRAK can also offer services in Technology and Green Energy Projects. Photovoltaic System Projects and other alternative energy resources projects under confidentiality.

KRAK is active in several technologic developments and research such as  Satellite System (last generation) to create a GPS Mobile Line and Robotics for over 7 billion dollars investment.

All our projects are undertaken / implemented with full compliance to humanitarian, social and environmental reponsibility protocols.

Protecting our client's private data with confidentiality and privacy, is one of our prerogatives.


Kwasi Amponsah Boateng

MCIArb RIBA      

Executive Director 

Kwasi holds Certificate in Community Enterprise, Judge Institute of Management. MSc.(Economics) in Development Planning. Postgraduate Dip in Architecture RIBA II .B. A. (Hons) Architecture RIBA I. Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Council Member of the African Union of Architects (2002-04) Member of the Chartered Institution of Arbitrators.

Kwasi is a development economist and social performance professional with more than 20 years’ experience as a senior corporate manager, partnership broker and international nonprofit manager. Past clients include Newmont Mining Corporation, Tullow Oil Plc, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and OXFAM.

Kwasi has a track record working in the private, public and community sectors.  He has developed design and project management skills over twenty years. 

His work in development has involved improving circumstances for disadvantaged communities internationally. This has taken the form of regeneration projects in the United Kingdom, the reconstruction and development programme in South Africa (1996), urban renewal in Ghana (2000-06) and Nigeria (2002-05). 

Dr. Ruben Atekpe 

Chief Executive Officer

Ruben holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Finance, Masters’ Degree (MSc) and Doctorate (PhD in Finance).

He started his career in Investment Banking in the City of London, before venturing into Entrepreneurship over twenty-five years ago.

Ruben is a member ofthe World Economic Forum Experts Panel, with a focus on Africa Energy andInfrastructure, and previously served on the World Economic Forum’s GlobalAgenda Council for Africa. He is a founding member of the Ghana chapter of theYoung Presidents Organisation (YPO). 

He is a founding member of the Ghana Malaysia Business Council which has presidentof both Ghana and Malaysia as Co-Chairmen. He advised both Singapore and Dubai trade offices in their establishment of regional offices in West Africa.

Ruben was part of the team that established the Executive MBA Program at the University of Ghana Business School, Legon.  As part of this role, he co-developed and assisted in the successful implementation of the founding curriculum of the Program.  In addition, Ruben has taught undergraduate classes in Banking & Finance and Accounting, as well as MBA classes in Finance.Ruben has played an instrumental role in supporting the extension of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) various entrepreneurial and hands-on business education platforms into Ghana.  Since 2013, Ruben has worked with several team from MIT’s G-LAB programme1 helping several them to connect to other corporate clients, while involving and supervising others in projects developed by his own companies. 

Dr. Antonio Cavalea

Executive Director- Secretary

Antonio holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Finance and Doctorate (PhD) in Macroeconomics also a Master  Business   Administration.    

Antonio has more than 30 years experience of Fund Managements and Financial Strategies, Structure Financial Products and Derivates, Currencies Conversion.  

Antonio is an international economist and businessman, whose activities ranging from Green Energy Sources, Industrial Projects and Infrastructures to Financial and Commodities Trading other than, consultancies for international private and governmental clients.

Actually is the Director of Finance of Freedom N.Y., Inc Prime Contractor of US Defence Department since 1982. Advisor BINTUSA GROUP UK related to IILM -International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation. Former CEO of a Swiss Assets Management Fiduciary Firm. Former Director of Global Environmental Protection GEP – Sovereign Trust USA associated to MEI HUA FAMILY PRO 14646 ACS. GEP GROUP LIMITED. Investment banking experience with several Institutions.


Kwaku Boateng

Executive Director

Kwaku holds a Bachelor's Degree, BSc (Hons) Degree Computer Science, specialising in banking and finance trading systems and application.

Kwaku has more than 3 year experience in Securities Settlements and Trading; Bond Trading, Projects financing, Wealth Management, Projects Financing, Wealth Management, Currencies Conversion, Commodities Trading.           


Kwaku is an international businessman and financial operator specialized in acquisition and re sells of financial instruments ranging from structured corporate notes to bank debenture and securities. High level skills to study the adequate investment feasibility to achieve the most suitable profit for all his private and governmental clients.  

Actually is an Executive Director of Freedom N.Y., Inc Prime Contractor of US Defence Department since 1982. Advisor BINTUSA GROUP UK related to IILM -International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation. Former Advisor of Global Environmental Protection GEP – Sovereign Trust USA associated to MEI HUA FAMILY PRO 14646 ACS. GEP GROUP LIMITED. Investment banking experience with several Institutions.

Charles Evans-Anfom

Chief Financial Officer

Development Economics, Accounting & Finance

Mr. Evans-Anfom is a Financial Executive with over 32 years of experience as a Consultant, Financial Manager, Controller and Analyst in Industry Leading Organizations. He has diverse and extensive experience with particular emphasis on accounting, auditing, financial management, business and strategic planning, business development, process improvement, and quality management processes.

Mr.Evans-Anfom spent the earlier part of his career with Corning Incorporated (The World’s largest producer of Optical Fiber and a leading Glass Technology firm). He served on management teams which played key roles in driving significant improvements in cost, quality, and customer service. Mr Evans-Anfom also worked with The World Bank Group in Washington, DC, where he was responsible for the Resource Management function of key business units in the world’s pre-eminent development institution.

His International experience includes dealing with businesses in various countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia, although his focus more recently has been on business development and project financing in both the private and public sectors for emerging markets, primarily in Africa.

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